Thursday, October 16, 2008

knit a few rows, then repeat

I didn't make it into the studio which might explain the little grumpy undercurrent I seems to be feeling. I tried to mix up the knitting with some chores - knit a few rows then start some laundry, knit a few rows and then clean the kitchen, etc. But I still felt I was sitting too long. I think I need to find some movies to watch while I knit.

Speaking of movies, I saw Ne le dis à personne (Tell No One)the other night. I thought it was a good movie - my husband thought it was a really, really good movie! (Reviews and other info - IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes)

The following poem was helpful in lifting my spirits... now, back to knit a few rows.


Books litter the bed,
leaves the lawn. It
lightly rains. Fall has
come: unpatterned, in
the shedding leaves.

The maples ripen. Apples
come home crisp in bags.
This pear tastes good.
It rains lightly on the
random leaf patterns.

The nimbus is spread
above our island. Rain
lightly patters on un-
shed leaves. The books
of fall litter the bed

~ James Schuyler

Living consciously...

Today's practice focuses on finding coaches and mentors by asking: Who is really leading the kind of life and doing the kind of work I admire?

This reminds me of when I was working in the corporate world. In those years, with few women in the workplace, I created, what I called, a "composite" mentor for myself. I think this may be a good time to read words written by or about some of these women (just to name a few): Twyla Tharp, May Sarton, Georgia O'Keeffe, Germaine Greer, Annie Leibovitz, Elise Boulding. It's time to update my reading list.


jenclair said...

Wonderful poem!

I've been meaning to read Twyla Tharp for several years, maybe this is the impetus I need. I've read several of May Sarton's journals and enjoyed them.

Kay said...

I like the poem, and I remember hearing good things about that movie. Thanks for the reminder; I'll put it in my queue right away.

Did Twyla Tharp write a book about creativity? Or am I thinking about another dancer? Don't know who it would be.

Kim said...

jen - I read Sarton's At Seventy: A Journal a few years ago and really enjoyed "seeing" her life. I am working through Twyla's book and have the same sense of getting to know her as she shares how she approaches creativity.

kay - Yes, indeed, she wrote The Creative Habit: Learn it and Use it for Life. I am enjoying it - insightful and includes examples of how other creative types work and it's easy on the eyes... nice big print. I plan to read her other book Push Comes to Shove (love the title!) which is her autobiography.