Friday, October 31, 2008

October TIFC - Day Three - Done!

This may be a weird way to illustrate how I feel about my studio space -- a Möbius strip, a figure where the front and the back form a coherent uninterrupted surface, a topological paradox. When I'm in my space, I do get lost in time.

Moebius transformations... oh, the possibilities!

A mathematician confided
That a Möbius band is one-sided,
And you'll get quite a laugh,
If you cut one in half,
For it stays in one piece when divided.

Living consciously...

The practice today is to identify one thing that brings you physical discomfort and over the next 24 hours, evolve... stop wearing it or stop living that behavior.

Physical discomfort these days comes from sitting too long - the hips and knees don't like it. I remember a time when the work warning was to give the eyes a break when working at the computer by turning away every twenty minutes and letting the eyes focus on a distance object. I should apply the same philosophy for the hips and knees - every half hour get up and move it.


Françoise said...

Nice idea! This Moebius strip fascinates me.
(Love the socks too.)

Deb Geyer said...

I love it! You are so creative!!

jenclair said...

Great way to illustrate your feelings about your space - seamless!

Kay said...

Very, very clever. I like your thoughts about this month's challenge too.