Monday, October 13, 2008

Weekly Collage

wk 42-08

For my weekly collage this week, I focused on using a silver star for "Remembrance." When I was thinking about what to do when I thought of my father who will be 78 next month. He served in Vietnam and was a hero. At the end of the day, gallantry, patriotism, and politics are mighty strange bedfellows.

Living consciously...

Today, a nice easy practice: make a commitment to curiosity.

There are days I feel like I'm forgetting more than I know so spending the day using my curiosity will be a welcome relief. I like the idea of "cultivating" my curiosity - learning to improve it with a focus on education and practice. It also needs to be tended in such a way that I 'weed' out things that are not relevant to where and what I want to do (right now) in my life.

I finally sat down this morning and worked the NYTimes crossword. I really slacked off the last couple of months. Easy puzzle. I did spend a few minutes later reading about Hieronymus Bosch. It wasn't long before I found myself searching for images of chimeras and other creatures (nue, yali, qilin, zilant, wyvern.) Oh my.


Vicki W said...

What a nice journal quilt!

jenclair said...

What a nice "Remembrance" for your father's service.

Love the creatures in your journal. They are certainly curious and colorful!

Kim said...


Jen - The creatures were fun. I am enjoying the 'coloring' component of my journal... maybe a bit too much!