Sunday, November 16, 2008


Two chayotes came in the mail today for my daughter. Why? Something about a friend that works for a Co-op but that doesn't matter. She's left them with me to do as I will. I read that they are like a cross between a potato and a cucumber.

"Inside each Chayote, there is one large, soft seed that can be eaten (unlike true squashes, which have many seeds). The white flesh is firmer and crisper than a cucumber, and sweeter than a zucchini would be. The flavour is actually quite bland and not that interesting."

My first thought was to look for a soup recipe - a simple Sopa de Chayote or more elaborate Sopa de Chayote y Mariscos.

Of course, YouTube has Chayote Salad.

Living consciously...

The perfect practice for today (and every day!) - Pause for ten seconds and savor this precious moment: This is it!

Did lots of that today. Didn't do much else and it was a good day.


Anonymous said...

In southern California, I saw chayote squash all the time, but I never ate one. Doesn't sound like I missed all that much.

jenclair said...

I've never had a chayote, but it sounds...interesting.

I like that practice and have been trying to appreciate the little details of life more lately. A good way to practice mindfulness!