Saturday, November 15, 2008

Football knitting

My head is still buzzing with knitting, I have started another pair of socks. (Knitting while I watched both Oregon football games, both teams won.)

You Tube to return to - Knitting Daily TV episodes: 105, 211

and when I have some time, I want to check out more Quilting Arts videos, like this one.

Living consciously...

Two questions to ask regarding a part of your life that isn't working as well as you'd like: Are there wounds I haven't recovered from?...How might I heal those wounds?

As long as I can just answer 'yes' without being knee-deep in an emotional archeological dig (and I can say 'yes' to several areas), my work in healing those wounds is in process. The ones that persist? -- I could be a slow healer or I keep re-opening the same old would. What's going to change that? The true answer is a real commitment to change... the hard part is that real first step.

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