Friday, November 14, 2008

Sock it "two" me

I was planning on finishing this pair of socks before I posted today but I just ran out of time. I will finish the pair before I go to bed, just need to close up teh toe - I want them done!

Too many out of the house social time and errands...

Living consciously...

Today's practice, "conscious philanthropy": Select an amount to give away this year...make your giving proactive and not tied to income.

Years ago we set up a system where we identified twelve different organizations to give money to - one per month - reviewed annually. When the company we worked for offered matching funds, we modified our process and made a yearly contribution to 10 to 12 organization, doubling the amount of money they received. We still look at giving locally throughout the year to causes we have interest in. This year, political organization got their fair share... am I thinking we should match that amount and give to the food banks. (Share the wealth? you betcha!)

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