Friday, November 07, 2008

Friday arts

Out and about today, and even though I didn't get any creative work done, it seems at every turn I would run into creative people: an art teacher; a photographer; a landscape artist; a still life artist; a couple of textile artist; and a writer. This evening, we went to see The Memory of Water by a British playwright Slelagh Stevenson. I loved the description of the play -- "revolves around a funeral and its chief mourners, three sisters with little in common but the perplexing legacy of their childhood with the mother they’ve come to bury..."

(and five actors, a director, an appreciative audience) I enjoyed the play and now, I think it's time to knit a few rows.

Living consciously...

In Hendricks message today he reminds us that every once in awhile the universe comes along and kicks us in the keister. The practice to take away is to turn the 'kick' into a message that you can learn from.

Whether the 'kick' resulted in a permanent mark or just a little nudge, I've taken most of these as a way to get my self back on course. The key, for me, is to be resilient and not allow the 'kick' to paralyze my forward progress -- especially if it takes me some time to figure out the message.

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