Thursday, November 06, 2008

Weekly Collage

wk 44-08

This started out as remembering some of my favorite one-liners: ease on down the road; up and to the right; and love is all you need. Well, not everything works out like you think it's going to... this looks like it is out of some paper on sperm morphology and viability. I'm moving on to November's theme of 'acceptance'.

Living consciously...

The message/practice of the day was to focus on reality and appreciate just how sacred it is. Some days, probably most day, I'm in that camp. I do wonder why I struggle to "just be." This morning I read an article in The Atlantic by Paul Bloom, First Person Plural. Interesting, I'll go back and reread after I digest it for a while (and the caffeine kicks in!) I liked this bit, in reference to why children make us "less happy":
As the psychologist Daniel Gilbert puts it, “Despite what we read in the popular press, the only known symptom of ‘empty-nest syndrome’ is increased smiling.” So why do people believe that children give them so much pleasure? Gilbert sees it as an illusion, a failure of affective forecasting.

I'm getting this feeling that one of my left-brained selves is about to launch a coup as I'm starting to think about affective forecasting and personal efficacy. Must be time to work on my goals for 2009. In the meantime, wish I was clever enough to craft the words so that the following (freshly hatched, morning) mantra could be sung to the tune of "Major-General":

I am the CEO of a community of selves and I damn well better figure out what self-binding activities I need to put in place so that I do what I need (and want) to do in order to "just be"... and focus on reality and appreciate just how sacred it is.