Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Weekly Collage

wk 43-08

I spent a few minutes in the studio looking for this weekly before I remembered that I had only drawn it in my journal. I whipped it up in a few minutes. I've always like the 'spiral' to represent time... ever-expanding or big-bang type thing... but it gives me perspective that I've come a long way and, yet, still have a long way to go.

Living consciously...

The practice today suggest you notice the things that go wrong throughout the day, jot them down and pause, at some point, and reframe each one.

I don't think so. My goal is to not react (or over-react) to the things that go wrong - just deal with it in the moment and move on.


jenclair said...

I love spirals! Glad you "found" your weekly. :)

Allie Lauren said...

Is that the Zuma frog I see in the middle? (: