Wednesday, December 10, 2008

December TIF - Day Two

I had a productive day today, didn't turn on the sewing machine but productive nonetheless. I sketched some ideas for the December TIF challenge and found a combination of commercial and hand-dyed fabric to use.

Starting to get into the holiday spirit. I haven't really considered what I might want as a present until I read about Beethoven's Piano Sonata No. 32 (Opus 111)-- wasn't long before I found this. (This would be my second choice.)

Living consciously...

I'm seriously going to do the whole practice, today and through the rest of the year. I would really like for this to become both my intention and my habit: practice requesting things from your partner without judging and without blaming. Practice, too, leaving behind the guilt of your want, and while you're at it silencing that voice inside of you that may be saying that you want too much. This is your life and this is your love. What is too much?

Not much to add here expect 'do it!'


Alis said...

I love these drawings. The colours are great and fabrics are great choices.

Kim said...

Alis - Thanks. I've really enjoyed working out of the journal. I use to have scraps of paper all over the place - good or bad, they are all at least in one place.