Tuesday, December 09, 2008

mindless surfing

Been thinking about curves-swirls-spirals. Don't know where I'm going with it yet but like so many others I'm attracted to them. Here are some interesting ones:
Lawatt; StumbleUpon; Fibonacci spirals Apophysis; and, of course from Wikipedia spirals.

2008 Word of the Year...
Webster's New World Dictionary: Overshare. (Nice Mozart piece plays in the background.)
New Oxford American Dictionary: Hypermiling
Mirriam-Webster Online: Bailout
The American Dialect Society does not announce until 9Jan09.
For even more fun head over to the Global Language Monitor for Obama, followed by change, then bailout.

My personal favorite since Y2K is still the 2005 winner truthiness.

Living consciously...

So close to the end of the year and my completion of these daily reads, and I still need to work on paying attention! I skipped a day, so it's back to: Practice identifying your core feelings.

Hendricks says you'll have to go through layers (anger, resentment) to get to the essence (fear, insecurity, abandonment)... no! I get a bit weary of the peeling away layers upon layers to get to the how of how you feel. You know, sometimes when you peel away the layers, like an onions, at the heart of it -- it's still an onion! I'm all for accepting my feelings without judging them, cool, and now I'm ready to move on.

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jenclair said...

Thanks for all of the fun links! Love all of the spirals and laughed at the Words of the Year!

I'm not interested enough in the truthiness of my feelings to spend much time peeling that onion.