Monday, December 15, 2008


My day did not go like had hoped it would. I was a snow day - four inches of snow and the temperature stayed around 30 until the sun went down. Now it's 21 and expected to drop to 14. I figured I'd be home today and planned to spent several hours in the studio. Well, I did but it was helping my daughter work on a few gifts that she's making. By the time I got some time to myself, it was spent doing some organizing and then getting distracted by looking at some old quilts. I made this one in June 1999... hours of beading... I must have had lots of patience back then.

Living consciously...

Today's practice is to identify an area in your life where you try to exert rigid control...

Kidding, right? Are there areas? I do keep the dog on a fairly tight feeding schedule. Anyway, next you're suppose to let go on three levels: mind, heart, body with the affirmation "...the universe has its reason."

I caved on "rigid control" years ago but I think my universe has some room for growth by exercising self-discipline with clear(er) intentions.

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jenclair said...

Now that is cold! My goodness, the beading would certainly take patience--worth it, though!