Monday, December 01, 2008

November TIFC - Day Three

It's the first day of a new month and I'm trying to catch up by working my third day on November's TIF. All I could think of while I was working was: Now, do it NOW. Now, don't put it off. Now. NOW! It was suppose to be a reflective, live in the moment, now. Clearly, I have got to learn to make friends with a less demanding now.
The good news, I did make it into the studio today and tomorrow I should be able to stitch/embellish this TIF so I can start the one for December!

SharonB's Take it Further Challenge December is on her new blog, Pin Tangle. She's going to be offering a new challenge next year - Stitch Explorer.

Living consciously...

A new month and only thirty-one more days of "A Year of Living Consciously" by Gay Hendricks. It has become so much a part of my day. I'm pleased that I stuck with it.

In the reading, Hendricks says he's often asked this question: How do I know the difference between intuition and the voice of my ego? He offers that genuine intuition does not usually come with fear attached and when the ego's in charge you notice something lacking (self-esteem, for example) which will usually be accompanied by fear. The practice for the day is to tune into your body and notice which situations trigger that feeling of fear.

Interesting idea, hadn't considered a connection between intuition, ego, and fear in that way.

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Kay said...

I like this--it certainly is a demanding NOW.

As an example of how scattered I've been lately, I liked this challenge, and was going to do something. But I forgot exactly what the theme was, and couldn't find my bookmark, so--- Sure haven't kept my commitments on this. I guess I never considered it as one, really. You've been very faithful.