Friday, December 26, 2008


It started off as a low key day, sluggish around the house until I got a phone reminding me it was Friday and I was expected to be at breakfast. At breakfast we discussed getting together later for cocktails and merriment.

Some hours later, much merriment and cocktails (margaritas and Kahlua cockroaches/brave bulls) and now I find I'm signed up for Twitter.

I think we successfully celebrated Boxing Day. I'll figure out the rest tomorrow!

Living consciously...

Briefly, today's practice: Make a commitment to yourself to honor yourself by listening closely and respectfully to the messages that you are sending yourself.

Easy to say, but I think the listening takes some time. It helps to look back on lessons learned from the past - practice a "do over" in the hopes that you're not doomed to repeat the error again.


Anonymous said...

Whatever Twitter is, it sounds fun. I think more Americans oughtta start incorporating Boxing Day into the mix. Kahlua cockroaches?

Kim said...

Rian - I think we christened Boxing Day with a little more alcohol than was necessary!
(A Cockroach is the same as a Brave Bull but without the twist - Kahlua and Tequila.)