Sunday, December 28, 2008

What studio?

I am beginning to wonder what I did with my studio time. You'd think by now I'd figure out that with all the activity: holidays; people coming and going; phone calls; football; and partying - that I would have realized and planned better!

This is fun... Upcoming Math Art Exhibit in D.C. Jan 5-8. I like Robert Fathauer's "Twice Iterated Knot No. 1" and S. Louise Gould's "Aristolochia grandiflora" and Iftikhar Husain's "Spiral Squares" and Anne Ursyn's "Equinox" and... (kinda like them all!)

Remember that excitement of opening present on Christmas... our dog, Jamie, a young fifty year old with her stocking...

Living consciously...

Only four more days left in the year and with Gay Hendricks A Year of Living Consciously. From today's practice : your mind of the limits of seeing through an adult's eyes.

Spend time outside; look at shapes, textures, colors; look and feel with wonder -- What things of beauty aren't you seeing in your world? I do like the ability to move between the adult and child view of my world.


Kay said...

As productive as you usually are, you deserve time off.

Great exhibit. Thanks for the link.

Kim said...

Kay - The math art is cool, isn't it? Here's a link to The Circles of Descartes
and a lovely little poem by Frederick Soddy was there as well:

The Kiss Precise

For pairs of lips to kiss maybe
Involves no trigonometry.
'Tis not so when four circles kiss
Each one the other three.
To bring this off the four must be
As three in one or one in three.
If one in three, beyond a doubt
Each gets three kisses from without.
If three in one, then is that one
Thrice kissed internally.