Tuesday, December 23, 2008

What a year.

Couldn't resist...
JibJab's 2008 Year in Review

I should do my own year in review - no video - just a list.

Living consciously...

For Practice: Make a commitment to creativity today by devoting ten minutes to it.

This is easy, right? Yes, except in the reading my idea of being creative was challenged when Hendricks wrote: Creativity is the unsung hero in every leap forward you make, whether it's a technological breakthrough or finding a new way to appreciate your partner. I started thinking how my world would be different if I devoted ten minutes a day in finding a new way to appreciate my husband. Could I follow through on a visible, tangible commitment every day?


jenclair said...

OMG - What a video! Couldn't decide whether to laugh or cry! :)

Merry Christmas, Kim, to you and yours!

Kim said...

Jenclair - Hugs!