Monday, December 22, 2008

Now what?

I've been futzing around trying to decide what things to put on my list for 2009 - big quilts or little quilts or both, and how many. Before long I found myself looking at my quilting books and then working on these little blocks. They were called Emiko's Lace Star in Sally Collins' Small Scale Quiltmaking. After I finished making four of them, I thought "Now what?" I've decided that "now" is my word for 2009, I didn't realize that I would calling on it so soon - ha! Opens up all kinds of doors - now what?, now how?, and I suppose not now!
Back to Now what? I considered coasters or ornaments but wasn't inspired. I found Sally Collin's website and looked at her gallery page and found my answer - pincushions. They'll be about 4-inches square.

Living consciously...

The practice today seems simple enough - Take three slow, deep, conscious breaths. The catch, of course, is in the conscious part because while doing so you're suppose to accept everything about yourself. Everything you are, feel and do.

Boy, can my left brain race between breaths, busy negotiating accept as in embracing with favor or just kind of reconciled with... I'll just keep have to keep breathing (until I work it all out.)


Kay said...

These are beautiful blocks, and the pincushions in her gallery are wonderful. Somewhere a while back I saw that Alex Anderson (I think) had used tiny quilt block pincushions as place cards/favors at a luncheon. So if you're feeling really Martha Stewart-ish...

McIrish Annie said...

your little blocks are perfect and will make lovely pincushions. I like your theme for 2009 - NOW. I'll be stopping by to see what you do with it.

Have a wonderful and "conscious" Christmas!

Debra said...

I really like those stars done with homespuns!

Kim said...

Kay - Thanks Kay. I'm happy with the look of them and really want to get them finished by year's end.
Yeah, and on the Martha thing... not so much. I have place card holder that I forget to put out and knowing my group of friends they'd ignore them and sit where they please.

Annie - Thanks Annie. My "Now" word is already a part of my day, maybe my Living consciously practices had an impact on how I'm living now.
...and a happy, merry Christmas to you as well!

Debra - Thanks, I was looking for small patterned fabric and stumbled on these, and I'm happy with the results. Now, I just need to finish them!

jenclair said...

"Now what?" I use that phrase so often!

I love your stars, and they will make such charming pincushions!

Kim said...

Jenclair - Thanks Jen.
I'm learning how to say "Now what?" with a curiosity and sense of wonder, instead of my usual irritated skepticism.