Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ten days left

Spent the day hanging out with family celebrating Solstice, Hanukkah, and my husband's birthday.

I'm enjoying working on this December calendar so much so that I have decided to continue this idea during 2009. My challenge now is to find a 'blank' calendar. While this one has potential, I'm going to check and see what I can find locally first. The one I'm current working in was from the Dollar Store.

Living consciously...

Hendricks writes ...if you allow another's behavior to determine which path you take, you are allowing yourself to be pulled under the surface, too. That of course leads to unconscious living. If you're trying to live conciously, you have to take control and be responsible...yup, don't drink the water or better yet, try not to get lead to it! The practice is to be prepared by knowing who among your family and friends lives beneath the surface and has or is likely to pull you under as well.

Well there are a few and I have also been the instigator many times over the years! I'm working on keeping myself "above the surface" and am aware that many of my friends and family are doing the same. Kowing who is most likely to pull me to the "underside" and planning my responses/reactions ahead of time may help me resist the temptations. (Okay, let's face it sometimes I'm going to dive right in - mea culpa.)


Sande said...

LOVE your calendar!!! I just showed it to my 2 granddaughters trying to encourage them to do likewise with the sets of multicolored gel pens they just received for Christmas. They also thought it was a really great idea.

jenclair said...

I'd forgotten about the calendar! Thanks for sharing the snow-filled days on the calendar and the blog.

Hoping to keep my head above the surface as well. :) Sometimes it is a struggle!

Quilt Pixie said...

love the calendar idea! Might do to get me to do some sort of "sketchbook-like" activity each day... :-)

Debra said...

Great calendar and if you were so inclined you could print it into fabric later for another project.

Anonymous said...

That calendar is the berries! Happy Hanukkah! And shalom!

Kim said...

Sande - It's been fun. I usually keep my wall calendars and now I'm looking forward to seeing what the end of 2009 brings. Doing a "doodle-a-day" is quite manageable. It would be a wonderful activity to share with grandchildren... you're doing it too, right Sande?

Jenclair - The calendar has already been helpful - I'm really bad at remembering when things happen and referred to the calendar when I was trying to remember when we got the tree. (I'm trying to forget the snow!)

That above-the-surface challenge is tough and my inner heretic doesn't help as it sings its chorus of 'Dive, dive, dive!'

Donna - Go for it, Donna! A doodle-a-day is very manageable and I've already decided that on the day I don't feel like working on it, I can always just color the square fuchsia!

Debra - Oh, that could be interesting - a very unique memory quilt. I may just have to add that to my next list for 2010!! ;)

Rian - Aleichem shalom.
Most excellent and I must admit coloring that two square inches daily lifts my spirits!