Saturday, December 20, 2008

Almost balmy

It's 39 outside - oh, happy dance! I may actually get to the store tomorrow and do a little shopping. Studio time today was re-directed to helping my daughter work on holiday gifts.

Saw this link to a Chest of Needlework Books on SharonB's Pin Tangle - when I have time, it will be lovely to spend some of it there browsing.

Living consciously...

I am surprised with the synchronicity that I keep discovering as I work through these daily readings and practices of Gay Hendricks A Year of Living Consciously. I have been over the last several months been trying to understand how my internal clock works: my best studio/creative hours, preferred sleeping schedule, etc. So, today's practice offers me more ways to work on this: Identify your personal, internal rhythm...spend time focusing on ways, large and small, that you can best honor your cycles.

Answering questions of sleep schedule and best work hours I've already taken into consideration but thinking about how I work with and against my rhythms is a nice next step in that quest. I know lots of musts and have to's tend to get in the way - but that's only because I let them. My time is really my own... not so much during this holiday period but okay with that.


Anonymous said...

Brrrrr. That's dang cold.

jenclair said...

Thanks for sharing the link, and it will take some time to browse through all of the titles!