Friday, December 19, 2008

December TIF - Day Four - Done!

I kept this last Take it Further Challenge of 2008 simple. Niente Senza Gioia is Italian for Nothing without Joy and it expresses what I feel about giving. A wonderful way to end the year!

Living consciously...

For practice, try this on: I ride through life in safety, and I also give myself absolute freedom to ride with joy, with the wind in my hair.

Joy is my theme for the month and I am feeling more comfortable with having "fun" as a part of how I live my life. It has been an interesting year with A Year of Living Consciously and I know I've come a long way since the first practice where the task was to urge myself toward a resolution of:
This year, I commit to living consciously, and I commit to having fun as I do so. I commit to expanding my consciousness and my capacity for fun every minute of this year.

Now, I think I'm ready to commit. Now.

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jenclair said...

What a lovely quote to go with this piece--so appropriate for the image.

Joy is a wonderful theme for this month and the year to come!