Thursday, December 18, 2008

December TIF - Day Three

Worked on the December TIF piece for a few minutes today. I should be able to finish it tomorrow, hopefully. I'm trying not to blame everything on the cold but I certainly seem to be lethargic the last few days. Being stuck in the house isn't helping. The temperature did warm up to 37 this morning while my daughter was having her wisdom teeth removed. It snowed in the afternoon and is now back down to 30 with ice on the roads. I'm really hoping that I can go out to breakfast in the morning - weather permitting.

Living consciously...

Jumped ahead (again!)on the practice yesterday. My mean time between failure seems to be increasing as I approach the end of the year. Well, tomorrow's another day, but in the meantime let me catch on yesterday for today's practice: ...muster up the courage to connect with someone you haven't made contact with ever or for a long time.

Remembering how to connect with people... I think I still know how to do that. I find that I do get comfortable with my routine - or maybe that's complacent - time to shake things up.


jenclair said...

You certainly are having all the winter weather! We are supposed to get into the 70's today. Not very Christmas-like.

Kim said...

jenclair - Ha. I'm so over the white stuff now, it's lovely but all I want for Christmas is 45 degrees and rain!