Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Homey bear

I'm finally going to finish this cross stitch piece! My dilemma is whether or not to put an arched matte or a rectangular one. I started this well before the Coca Cola Polar Bears made their debut. I was drawn to it because it reminded me of a line from The Rime of the Ancient Mariner "...the horned Moon, with one bright star within the nether tip." (Never mind that it's astronomically impossible.)

It's warmed up to 34 but it's is suppose to drop to 27 with snow tonight. The snow is not the problem it's the sheet of ice under it! I'm clearly catching a bit of cabin-fever cranky-itis. I have not yet done all my holiday shopping - I hear there's lots of open parking spaces at the malls. Happy, happy, joy, joy!

Living consciously...

Lovely sentiment and practice: Take a moment to appreciate your family and friends; they are a gift you give yourself every day.



Angelcat said...

Your cross stitch piece is such a pretty little scene!

Suzanne Earley said...

It seems like everywhere I go, people are showing off old (or new...) cross stitch projects, making me feel like I need to pull out my old stuff, too. Must. Resist. Do NOT HAVE TIME. LOL

Not that you asked, but I vote for an arched matte.

McIrish Annie said...

I like your polar bear! I remember the days of cross stitch. I give away all of my old magazines books and partially finished pieces a few years ago. Looks like it is making a resurgence. I am hooked again on knitting.

Sorry to hear about your weather and your shopping. or lack thereof to date.LOL. I still have a few things to pick up and we are expecting about a foot of snow tomorrow. I hope to get it done tonight so I can have 6 whole days free before the big event.

Kim said...

Angela Thanks. I was inspired by you and VickiW to finish a few long abandoned pieces.

Suzanne - Time? oh right, I knew there was something else I was suppose to be doing! With my daughter home for Winter Break my time has not been the same.

I'm leaning toward the arched matte - finding one in the right size and color, that's the trick.

Annie - I'm trying to decide just what to do with my cross stitch. I've a few unfinished pieces and lots of cloth and thread. I'm thinking about keeping a handwork basket in the family room filled with projects that I can switch between - knitting, needlepoint, cross stitch, etc (it might have to be a footlocker!)

I have managed to shop online - have internet/can type!! - it's the little things and the sale/bargain items. Soon hopefully!