Thursday, January 22, 2009

all about us is noise

I so wanted to enjoy the poem, "Praise Song for the Day" written and recited by Elizabeth Alexander at the Inauguration but the room was noisy, and I was distracted and couldn't hear well enough to fall into the cadence of the poem. I had hoped that her poem and reading would be on her website, no... maybe she'll update it later.

Still not getting to the studio although I am reading and playing lots of music.

Creative every day: 22 of 365 done!

Really, this month is almost over?

Now what?

Tomorrow is Friday Breakfast with the girls (9am to 2pm-ish or so) and usually I don't make time for the studio but I am two weeks behind on my "weeklies" so I'm going to go to work as soon as I get home!

For now: I tried to draw Barack and Michelle Obama from the newspaper picture. I managed to create two very scary faces that did not look like them in the least. I'm going to try again...


Allie Lauren said...

I found Alexander's poem inspirational but her reading of it was very nearly ridiculously slow. I hope she does update her site so you can hear it, though!

Michelle had the cutest shoes on Tuesday. I want them.

Kay said...

Didn't you pity Alexander for having to follow the address with her poem? Jon Stewart showed her poem as a way to clear the crowd, I'm sure he's not the only one who felt that way. I liked it very much myself. I hadn't thought of looking on her web site.

Debra said...

It appears the poem is getting mixed reviews around the Net. I thought it was a bit strange in the middle but I hung with it nonetheless.

Kim said...

allie - Shoes, yes... I liked the matching gloves!

Kay and Debra - I've given Alexader's Inaugural poem another read (and listen) and have grown found of it. You gotta give her props, it was after all, live and COLD.

jenclair said...

I wasn't especially taken with the poem, but loved the speech.