Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday afternoon studio time

Finally, a little time in the studio to work on the tote bag. The bag will have four blocks on each side. I'm going to add a green band around the top and the handle will be the orange used in the body of the piece. Tomorrow I should be able to quilt the top - probably simple straight lines - and attach it to the canvas. It would be nice to finish it... I'll just have to see how the day goes.

My cherished mola - a humble reminder.

Creative every day: 23 of 365 done!

Now what?

I did figure out when I was in the studio today that the clutter building up on the surfaces has a negative impact on my "wanting" to be in the space. Yep, it's time to do a pick up and maybe then I'll be out of excuses so I can get back to work!
For now: The husband challenged me to a Scrabble game... he actually said tournament but I bet he just means one game.


Anonymous said...

Jim and I played Scrabble the other day. He won, of course. He always does. I'm a better wordsmith than he, but he knows how to play the squares.

Kim said...

Rian - I'd like to play more often but since I get pretty competitive, Dave needs time to heal his wounds. He has improved his game over the last twenty-seven years... even his spelling is better.

jenclair said...

The key to Scrabble is the sense of competition over wanting to create great words. Those two or three letter words in the right places can mean everything!