Sunday, January 25, 2009


Too much time on the computer today. I did break away to play some music. My eyes are tired.

I didn't do anything about the ironing today - I did glare at it for a second. I usually try to stay more on top of it than I have been lately. Now, I have lots of my husband's shirt to iron... and then my mind wandered from thinking about my chores to wifely roles to Chaucer's The Tale of Melibee and I grabbed the camera...

...iren is hoot, men sholden smythe

Creative every day: 25 of 365 done!

Now what?

It is my intention to get up first thing in the morning and work for two hours in the studio! (Now, that I "set" my intention, let's see if I get up and do it.)
For now: Knitting while I watch Nadal v. Gonzalez - it'll probably be a quick match.


Debra said...

As a special treat, you could send the shirts to the laundry.

jenclair said...

My husband rescued his best shirts from me years ago. The problem was less with the ironing than with the pinkish tinge that occurred in wash load.

I don't mind ironing if I can put on a movie and watch at the same time!

Love the "hoot iren."

Anonymous said...

If only you could make the ironing happen by glaring at it. A book sounds better than chores any day, in my playlist.