Tuesday, January 27, 2009

DJ tote

I know I shouldn't be surprised but when I make time to work in the studio, I get things done. I'm pleased with the way this tote bag came together. I've also decided that it will make a great place to keep the blocks I make for the someday-maybe-I'll-work-on-my Dear Jane quilt. Deciding on the background fabric has been my excuse for not starting - whether to use combination of lights I already have or to just go to the fabric store and buy eight (or ten) yards.

Now what?

Absolutely need to work on weeklies tomorrow. I've sketched two of them out and they should come together quickly.
For now: Back to the knitting - shaping the gusset on the first sock.


Kay said...

The bag looks great!

A group in my guild is starting a Dear Jane. I've always thought that was a crazy thing, but the woman in charge is so well organized that it almost sounds appealing--almost. I remember her email mentioned all that background fabric. I don't see why there couldn't be several lights. One thing I haven't liked about Dear Jane quilts I've seen is the sort of static look they have, and several backgrounds might be more interesting. Just saying---

Alis said...

The bag worked out just great didn't it.
Looking forward to seeing the weeklies progress from your sketches.

Debra said...

You are thinking of doing a Dear Jane? Somehow that seems out of character. . . like the totebag! (I also agree with Kay about the backgrounds.)

Laura Lea said...

Honestly I didn't know what a Dear Jane quilt was and had to look it up. I was surprised at the tote bag too, as I've seen a lot of your work representing your signature artistic style and it is unique, free-flowing or sculptural angular definately less symmetrical or traditional. Yet I have watched you over the years and seen your wonderful use of color. I know you have wonderful technique from looking at the journal page you made for me. I think the Dear Jane may appeal to you as a way to explore color, pattern, line. I'd be interested in what you discover in this exercise. Love the journal page! I see wonderful imagery here that translates well into fabric under your eye and hand.

郭富城Jason said...
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