Friday, January 02, 2009

Starting habits - now.

Uncorked remains of New Year's Eve.

When I think of all the lists I've made over the years of things to do, to be, to try, to create, I often attached the word "more" to somehow reassure myself that this was something I could learn, be proficient at - if only I would do "more". I'm not making a list this year, instead I'm working on creating habits that I believe in time will help me develop skills. One habit for 2009 is to take a photograph each day and write a six word caption. I nearly talked myself out of doing it yesterday (whine...I wanna learn how to use the camera better first...) instead, I reminded myself of my 2009 word, "Now" and grabbed my "point and shoot", and I was done. I faced the same thing at breakfast this morning. I forgot my camera and I really wanted to capture the moment, so I used my cellphone.

Twelve gather for Friday's breakfast tradition.

Creative every day: 2 of 365 done!

Now what?

The theme for this month's Creative Every Day Challenge is "Play" - of course, that sent me into somewhat of a panic. Imagine sitting in a room full of people, milling about and someone runs into the room blows a whistle and shouts "Play!" Others may begin frolicking, thrilled with the invitation, I'd be pressed up against the wall frozen, muttering something like "What exactly do you mean by play?" I read Leah's post today and found comfort in her comment " don't need to wait for inspiration, you can simply show up at the page and begin." That I understand!

The ritual, the habit, of doing something begins and through habit I find I develop skills and find inspiration to try other things. Of course, my left-brained renegade (the creature pressed up against the wall) has run off to get definitions and research alternate strategies.

Today's find: Studio Thinking Framework Eight Habits of Mind.
and Project Zero has a wealth of information.

For Now:
I'll work on the first weekly collage of 2009 tomorrow.


jenclair said...

I consider most of my needle work as play, because it gives me the same satisfaction and sense of abandonment as the play engaged in as a child.

Beginning is sometimes the hard part in any endeavor, but once you do begin, things so often develop in different directions...I love that.

I'm so glad you mentioned ritual as a synonym for habit. I like that connotation so much better!

Debra said...

I love your picture of the corks! It seems so natural and unpretentious.

Kim said...

jenclair - I'm getting better about turning off the thinking and leaping into play especially in my own studio space.

I like how Twyla Tharp used "ritual" in The Creative Habit - she exercises every morning and in order to be successful in that habit she commits to a ritual of getting the cab that takes her to the gym.

Debra - Thanks. That could also be said of the revelers that drank the wine! I was a bit surprised that we put away as many as we did. I'm thinking I may use the picture on an invitation for next New Year's Eve.