Thursday, January 01, 2009

Weekly Collage


Nothing like starting the new year by finishing up the last weekly collage of 2008. I had sketched it quite a few days ago but with all the activity never got around to working on it. I must confess I'm much more relaxed today so working on a "Joy" themed piece was almost fun. It's done and I am moving on.

Creative every day: 1 of 365 done!

Now What?

For a year I typed "Living consciously..." and wondered what I would do come Jan. 1st. So here I am ill-prepared and wondering "Now what?" I had looked last week for some daily guide... a book to encourage me throughout the year like Hendrick's A Year of Living Consciously. I was tempted to get a book from this series The Intellectual Devotional but it just didn't feel right. This morning I found two other books - An Incomplete Education and The New York Times Guide to Essential Knowledge. Interesting, but... (I did just open up another window on the computer, checked my local library, and reserved both books - lovin' the internet!)

What I do know is that I'm learning how to behave when I don't have all the answers and everyday I intend to guide myself with passion and a quest for continuous learning. With that in mind, I have some strategies for what I want to accomplish in 2009, and improving my skills and my habits are integral parts of the process.

For Now:
I ordered a copy of The Vigorous Mind after reading Jenclair's post and I'm working on my very own Renaissance curriculum for the first 100 days of 2009.


Vicki W said...

I love it!

Suzanne Earley said...

I have a twin-ish size Irish Chain quilt (blues and whites) that I spent part of yesterday contemplating: I am considering appliqueing the word JOY on it, only REALLY BIG.

And we got a copy of the American History Intellectual Devotional the other day. I'd like to try to do the daily readings with my family. I'm not sure how excited they are about it.

Debra said...

a great little collage that evokes joy as well as says it!

Kay said...

That collage is certainly a good start!

I bought an Incomplete Education quite a few years ago. It's more a weird reference book, lists of odd things than a work through book. It's fun though.

Genie Sea said...

Joy is joyful! Love the journal too :)

jenclair said...

Joy- perfect way to end one year and begin the next!

I can't wait to begin getting the magazines I've ordered--they will certainly help the Renaissance intent. I also ordered a book of Richard Feynman's lectures because he got such good press in The Vigorous Mind. I may never "get" physics, but I love the description of Feynman!

Thanks for more great links and good possibilities!

Kim said...

Vicki, Debra, Genie - Thanks!

Suzanne - That would be fun - my daughter walks around all bundled up in a twin size quilt on cold mornings... imagine wrapped up in Joy!

You can always do the reading on your own and share what you learn. When my kids were young we talked about 'what we learned today' at dinner.

Kay - Starting the year off relaxed and 'playful'... oh, be still my heart.

I read that Incomplete Education had a tongue-in-cheek approach and I'm looking forward to thumbing through it. This year, I want to use the library more often and resist my temptation to buy too many books.

Jenclair - Joy, yes! and I am going to try and hold onto to it all year.

I really appreciate individuals that can explain complex ideas in ways that makes it accessible to the average person - from physic to knitting!