Sunday, January 18, 2009

TV time

Did a little more than I did yesterday - creative work, that is. At least I tried to knit while I spent too much time watching television today. Checked in on the coverage in at the Lincoln Memorial briefly. And I had to check Google maps to see where my friends will be on Tuesday. I know that two of them will be close to the East Capital Circle in the West Standing area. (I'm going to be watching from the comfort of my home - nice and warm!)

Watch both football games, on and off... Cardinals and Steelers are on their way to Tampa Bay - the Superbowl should be a good game.

Now what?

Dave has the day off tomorrow. Probably won't have the studio time I'd like but I'm will manage to get some time in.

For now: ...more knitting.


Debra said...

Where's your creative picture with the caption?

I've been thinking of adding that daily but with someone else's photo.

Kim said...

Debra - Yeah, yeah, I know, I'm such a slacker - hoping to gear up to full speed starting Monday.

Come now, give it a try - take your own photo and see how it works - you may surprise yourself.