Monday, February 23, 2009

Weekly Collage


This morning I was wallowing in the muck of this month - determined to write it off as "The Lost Month" - when I decided that I could just decide to turn it around and make the best of the next six days. With my word for 2009 in mind,"Now", I headed off to the studio and made a small weekly collage, the Talalog word for now, ngayon, written in baybayin. (I used this site to translate.) One down, three to go... what's the chant? Yes, I can!

Now what?

Now, seriously, being sick the first part of the month slowed me down but as I look back I have to acknowledge that I have done the New York Times Crossword every day (since the beginning of the year) and I have kept up with my daily calendar doodle. "Creativity Every Day" on a low simmer but creative nonetheless and I'm counting it!
I'm have two more chapters left to read in The Vigorous Mind and I've been adding more and more activities to my plate. The kaizen, baby steps approach has been working well for me. I've been playing both the piano and the violin on a regular basis and I have really noticed an improvement - especially with the violin!! I'm reading more, trying new recipes... I've become a tad obsessed with setting the timer for twenty minutes and running off and "doing" something!

Today, I felt like my energy level was finally back to normal. Yay!

For now: I plan to do some reading/research into baybayin and gather some ideas for the three remaining 'quilties' this month. Hopefully I'll be inspired and everything will come together effortlessly.


Susan Calvert said...

Is the book "The Vigorous Mind" worth purchasing? Did it help you?

Christian Cabuay said...

Looks great

jenclair said...

Glad to see you back!

Debra said...

I hope you will start March with your renewed ole self!

Sande said...

Nice to see you back and happy to hear you're feeling better.
Twenty minute timed activities sounds like an interesting idea. February was a 'lost month' for me artistically, too, due to the computer woes.

Anonymous said...
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郭富城Jason said...
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郭富城Jason said...
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