Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Still smiling over this

Creative every day: 69 of 365 done!

Now what?

I've one last chapter to read in The Vigorous Mind and have already changed several 'attributes' in my life. I'm thinking I need to NOT make any more changes until I have a chance to settle in with my new routines.

For now: Time do work Wednesday's NYTimes crossword. This will be the 70th crossword I've done this year - it has become an everyday thing and I've really enjoyed the challenge. Last year I barely got through Thursday's puzzle, now, I'm doing them all and where Sat/Sun require extra time, I get them done... a good example of how baby steps (kaizen) works!


jenclair said...

Hard not to laugh at that sneeze!

Kaizen - such a simple concept, and so effective.

Rian said...

How cute was that! Had a great chuckle.

Alis said...

So sweet! I still can't catch my breath from laughing.