Wednesday, May 13, 2009

one down, eight to go

wk 14-09

Yep, week 14 finally done! My first of four exploring the Hebrew script. This one reads atsind which translates as now (oh the irony!).

Couple of months ago I read through Finding Your Own Visual Language by Jane Dunnewold, Claire Benn, and Leslie Morgan with the intention of "eventually" working through all sixteen exercises outlined in the book. I looked at Exercise #1 - "Splitting Shape" and decided I did not want to spend time cutting and pasting so I created dozens of split-shapes in Photoshop. I especially liked working with the hexagons and am planning to make stamps with them...

when I get around to finishing Exercise #2: Make 30 Stamps! So far, one stamp done. I have a set of carving tools but I really want to get these Micro Hand Carving tools. I wonder if they will improve my stamp making skills.

Creative every day: 133 of 365 done!

Now what?

I was going to use "lethargy" to describe the state of the studio these days or maybe "inanition" regardless it is my own fault and while I've had a little talk with myself I'm still not making a serious move to correct it. We're heading off later this week on a mini vacation: restaurants, theater, galleries, and relaxing with no household responsibilities... perhaps I'll find a reset button and come back super-charged and inspired.

For now: Daily doodle and get another weekly collage done.


Debra said...

did you carve the woman? if so, WOW! I like her very much!

Sande said...

Nice carving, nice print from it!
A mini-vacation sounds great - hope you have a wonderful time.

jenclair said...

Your carving is lovely! And I love the way the your script exploration is going!

Anonymous said...

Great carving! Who says your muse has left the building! Enjoy your holiday.