Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Staring at the blank page...

Just begin!

Clearly, there should be some sort of Blogging Reconciliation Room (i.e. Confessional) where I could plead: Excuse me Blogger for slip sliding away. My last posting was 53 days ago. These are my mea culpas: laziness, grumpiness, stubbornness, unsociableness and pity-party-selfishness.

Now, what act of penance do I make and how do I amend my life? I think I've been self-punishing myself by NOT getting my tuckus in the studio. It's time for this lethargy to end.

Weekly collages for weeks 12 and 13 (karma and bhaga):

Creative every day: 125 of 365 done!

Now what?

Creatively... what have I been doing? Not much. I have managed to keep up with my daily doodle - 16 square centimeters that kept me on creative life support. Playing the piano and violin slipped to about four days a week.

Talking with a friend over tea yesterday, we both acknowledge that we were in a malaise of sorts. Lots of factors may be contributing: our age; the recession; aging parents; friends dying; children of friends dying; thinking about the future; not thinking about the future... we sang a chorus of What's it all about Alfie? had some more tea and a second Walkers Stem Ginger Biscuit.

For now:
Time to shake it off! Get back to work and stop the wallowing. I didn't do any weekly collages in April and I really like the Hebrew script! Now for the month of May I planned the Devanagari script. Surely, I can get nine weeklies done by the end of the month. Oh... and get back to the sketchbook. It's a start.


Quilt Pixie said...

confession and pernance are good for the soul, but so is gentle grace.

Welcome back.

Fran├žoise said...

It's nice to read you again!

Deb Geyer said...

Good to see you!! :-)

McIrish Annie said...

I think this malaise is going around! my last post spoke of much the same. need some summer sunshine. glad you are back!

Kay said...

Oh, welcome back! I've been fighting malaise by continuing to work, but posting is tough at the moment. Hope things turn around for you.

Thoufeek Zakriya said...

Hai i am an indian muslim who does hebrew calligraphy pls visit my blog

Debra said...

now how hard was that?

Alis said...

Lovely to see your beautiful work Kim.
This seems to be a time of change for a lot of artists, perhaps you too. That may account for the malaise that is going around.

Rian said...

Just like everything else, blogging waxes and wanes.

Sande said...

Beautiful way to start up again! I love the bright colors. That out to help you get out of a funk.
Nice to have you back!

jenclair said...

Hey, you! Glad to see you back!