Monday, October 19, 2009

A is for Apron

I'm so happy made it to the studio today but I can't believe how slowly I moved once I finally got there. Indecision seemed to be the theme. I couldn't decide what fabric to use where, what thread color I wanted to use - I waffled over the size of the strips to cut and what length to make the apron. By the time I got my 'creative legs' under me it was evening and I decided to quit for the day. The skirt is pieced and I've laid out the fabric I want for the waistband and bib. Hopefully I've paid my dues on the learning curve and tomorrow will go smoother (fingers crossed.)

Rambling on...

I figured I wasn't 100% present in the studio when after I had turned on the iron to press the fabric I found myself ironing a few of my husband's shirts. Talk about creative avoidance! Clearly, my auto-pilot has been seriously re-set and it may take me a few days to get in the groove. Getting back to my knitting, in contrast, has been easy. I finished the sock that was on the needles and have started it's companion.

All and all, a good day.


Rian said...

Oh, those learning curves! It does take a while to find your "studio legs!"

Kay said...

I can truly identify with this! It's good to see you back, Kim.