Wednesday, November 04, 2009

take five

wk 20-09

Playing around with the Devanagari script that "sounds out" my name, Kim (or it could be come, whatever.) I think this piece was influenced by the library book I picked up today, Luxe Knits, Couture Designs to Knit & Crochet by Laura Zukaite.

Rambling on...

Trying to get as much done today as quickly as possible so I could sit and watch the Yankees play Game 6. I took five minutes to sketch, which stretched to 20 minutes, then whipped out the weekly in less than an hour. I just managed to get the Turkey Tetrazzini in the oven before the first pitch. I would've gotten done earlier but I decided to make the Bechamel sauce. It took forever to get thick and bubbly. Now I remember why Cream of Mushroom soup was good enough for the kids when they were growing up and I was working full-time.

Yankees are up 7 to 3, as the Phillies start the 7th. My Baby Girl is very happy.

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