Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Pushing up daisies???

wk 19-09

Started thinking about how to approach wk19's weekly early this morning. I knew I was going to use the Devanagari numbers of my birth date - २५०४१९५२. I just celebrated my 'half' birthday and was thinking 'yeah, I'm getting older, but I'm pushing up daisies yet!' when I suddenly knew what design to use. I made a quick sketch in the sketchbook and in no time at all the piece was done.

Rambling on...

It feels good when inspiration strikes like that. I love it and it makes doing the work seem effortless. I liked to figure out how to produce that feeling, that flow, more often. Practice and focus, I suppose.


Rian said...

Way cute. Your creativity is waking up again. I love the filler design on your Om.

Kim said...

Thanks, Rian. I figure'd it wasn't dead but I knew it was out of shape--- guess it just needed a little exercise.