Sunday, December 06, 2009

let the chaos begin

We've begun remodeling the office and I'm planning for how that will alter my studio space and time during the next three weeks. I'll need to move four bookcases into the studio which will block access to the shelves where I store fabric. It's no big deal but I did wake up from a dream last night where I was trying to get behind the bookcases to get a "special" fabric. I've solved that problem - I can always go shopping!

Rambling on...

Didn't get to the sewing machine today but I did manage to sketch while I watched the end of the football game, Minnesota and Arizona. I had it on but I wasn't really watching, just noise for distracting me from getting too tense while I tangled up the flamingo.

Tomorrow I'll work on one of the two remaining weeklies for the year. I've started thinking about what to do for 2010. I want to continue with the weeklies AND actually do one a week. I still like the idea of a theme and am toying with making them a year of current events but I will probably build in a monthly component as well. Structure seems to work well for me, I figure I can always break my own rules if it doesn't work.

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Rian said...

I keep a limited stash because I can always go shopping. It's not like I'm going to want to make something in the middle of the night.