Monday, December 07, 2009

making music

wk 48-09

Next to the last weekly for 2009, Ge'ez script 'making music' and hopefully before the night is over that's what I'll be doing.

Rambling on...

I did manage to play the violin earlier today - my reward for moving two bookcases out of the office and into the studio. I'll need some help with the remaining two bookcases (they go to the ceiling and weigh too much for me to manage by myself.)

The weather bug says it's going to get down to 13 degrees, shivering just thinking about it. My husband just went outside to soak in the hot tub (crazy man!) - I'm going to play the piano for a few minutes before he heads to bed.

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Rian said...

That's a very lively piece! The dark vertical stripe really gives it depth.