Wednesday, March 31, 2010

April "shower" and it's raining as well

This is my first of five weeklies for the month of April with the theme of Luxury.

I did some quick sketches that capture a few of my initial thoughts: warm shower; lap of luxury; manicure; accumulating stuff; waves of indulgence. I'm definitely thinking about 'luxury' without a pejorative taint but more in terms of something enjoyable or comfortable beyond life's necessities. Although I must say, I consider a hot morning shower pretty much a life's necessity!

Traveling north in the morning, Dave and I have been planning to get up to the Seattle for months now. Finally made the reservations - hopefully it won't rain the whole time! We been wanting to see the Alexander Calder exhibition at the Seattle Art Museum since it opened last October. The exhibit closes on April 11th - yeah, plenty of time! We'll also stop in Tacoma to visit the Museum of Glass. So excited!

The last of the reveals at Interpret This! have been posted. I am once again so impressed with the creativity and artistry of the group. Go visit, here!

Can't wait to see Nellie's photo for April - thank goodness I've my iPhone!


Debra said...

looks like a cold shower to me! brrr.

Anonymous said...
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Lisa said...

nice read

Stargirl said...

ooohhh a nice warm shower every morning is my idea of luxury too. But also rolling up in a huge, fluffy douvet on top of a ultra bouncy mattress!! what do you think?