Thursday, July 01, 2010

Half 2010

Oh my, it's July. Three months have passed since I last posted on this poor neglected blog. Drove sixteen hours yesterday, after being away from home for fifteen days, to sleep in my own bed! Ahhhh.

"Aflutterby" - June's IT! (read about it here) traveled with me to California where she now lives with a very dear friend.

I have enjoyed the Interpret This! challenges - should have at least mentioned them... here's the link to April's and May's finished pieces. And take some time, go and enjoy the creative work of Barbara, Beverly, Debra, Judith, Karen, Kay, Libby, and Nellie. It is such a privilege to be sharing the Interpret This! challenge with these very talented women!


Rian said...

Welcome back! I too have enjoyed the challenges and the group.

Debra said...

I'll bet your butterfly was a huge hit!