Wednesday, March 17, 2010

jazzy full

There is a "listen" story behind this weekly where the word FULL is represented by the green rectangle in the center. After nearly thirty years, I'm (still) working on improving how we communicate as a couple. Occasionally, we'll get into the downward spiral of 'you never told me/yes I did' discussion. So the other day when my husband handed me a new Starbucks card, he said "You never told me if you wanted a full or mini card", I picked up my cellphone and pulled up my text messages with him. There it was, plain and simple, the single word Full (in a little green speech bubble) in answer to a question from him.

I've been struggling with what to do with the Interpret This! challenge. I finally figured it out while listening to jazz last Saturday night. We went to a Jazz Party at The Shedd, enjoyed an evening of jazz with Dick Hyman (pianist/composer) and Ken Peplowski (clarinetist). One of my favorite sets of the evening, they rolled out a second piano and Dave Frishberg joined Dick Hyman and they played some boogie-woogie pieces - so good!

March Teasers are being posted at Interpret This! Now that I know what I'm doing, I can at least show what I'm NOT going to do.


Kay said...

Great story!

I really am looking forward to seeing your Interpret This project. Too bad about the boudoir dolls--I wonder how many people know that's what those dolls are. My mother also said they were "bed dolls." Now there's an interesting name.

Rian said...

I wish my husband would hand me a Starbucks card...

I have been a jazz fan for many (many) years. I like it straight up, hard-bop style.

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