Thursday, March 25, 2010

to give ear to

This weekly is influenced by the politics I've been watching lately. In short, it reflects how I feel about how hard it is to "listen" when people are shouting. I remain optimistic that our political leaders can behave with civility and respect.

I've been playing 'catch up' all month long and don't feel like I got anything done - maybe it was just running in circles! I'm hoping to get the last weekly done today as we are off to OSF tomorrow morning to see Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and Hamlet. I'm looking forward to both play but I must admit I'm a little nervous about what they've done to Hamlet after reading a review that had this line:

And it's perfectly natural to fuse hip-hop with Hamlet, by adding "sick hooks" to the iambic pentameter, said Claudia Alick, hip-hop dramaturge for the play and curator and producer of the festival's musical Green Shows.

hmmm... not quite sure what 'sick hooks' are.

In the meantime, reveals for the March Interpret This! will be starting this Saturday. I'm planning to use the "scheduled at" feature for posting my reveal on Saturday afternoon - hope it works!

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Libby Fife said...

I had the same thought about not accomplishing much. Hmm...