Thursday, February 03, 2011

mindfulness practice

I sketched these little owls out last October, worked on them about the time I ended up in the hospital and they got buried in the studio. I'm going to pull the Happy Holidays MMX out and recycle them for the 2011 holidays.

I'll be quilting these four weeklies tomorrow and get another one started. I thought I'd make more progress today but I just couldn't seem to focus. It finally dawned on me that my lower back was starting to grab a bit and I was not comfortable. Seems like such a little thing but it derailed me.

Came across a new study, seems that if I meditate 30 minutes a day, I can increase my hippocampus (learning and memory) and reduce my amygdala (anxiety and stress). New studies with MRI evidence of changes in gray matter - I guess that only continues to confirm what Buddhist have known for some time now. I can sit and "do nothing" but I can't say that I meditate.  I'm thinking I'll try spending 20 minutes a day in 'mindfulness of breathing'.

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