Thursday, February 03, 2011

late but on schedule

Third day of the second month and I've the first of the 2011 weeklies done. Good thing I'm not being paid to do this.

I fretted during the day about what kind of paragraph I'd write for this blog post today. Not feeling it. Some of it is about the whole writing thing but another part is that the studio is in chaos right now and that's got me frustrated. Little bits and bobs laying on the cutting table, the ironing board cover needs to be changed, the floor's a mess, piles of fabric needs to be put away, and spools of thread are everywhere. My mess, my fault, and my responsibility to deal with - I'm sure the 'damn, just do it' feeling will hit me any moment. Grumble.

Heading off for a hard cider tasting - a first Thursday event in town that I thought was Art and Wine... close enough. It's been over forty years (yikes) since I was in Germany and tried apfelwein. It was very distinctive. It'll be interesting to see if this cider tonight triggers that taste memory.

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Debra Spincic said...

My ironing board cover is past needing to be changed too. The little stuff can take up days if you let it.

I like the symbols going on here with these new pieces.