Saturday, February 05, 2011

off, but not to see the wizard - yet

The first weekly for February with only three more for the month. Time to return to the sketchbook and work on some ideas but, I must pick up the studio. After that I'm...

Off to see Legally Blond The Musical at the Hult Center tonight. I intend to just relax and have fun with it but if I end up next week singing "Omigod You Guys" in the studio, I may need therapy. The last, in this series of Broadway in Eugene, is Wicked in April and I'm really looking forward to that musical. While going to a musical may not constitute an 'artist date' a la The Artist Way, I certainly find them inspirational. I loved the set for Spring Awakening and in particular, one scene,"The Mirror-Blue Night", when they lowered blue lights from the ceiling. Stunning.

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