Monday, February 28, 2011

two months down, ten to go

What did I do today? Really what? I think what happened is that I busied myself with cleaning and organizing the house. It's the type of busy-ness I do when I'm going on vacation - got to get it picked up and cleaned so that when I come back it's picked up and cleaned. Crazy thinking. Also, it must have something to do with Dave going in for shoulder surgery - 8am in the morning! This is NOT going to be a vacation.

and 3BT:

  1. The NYTimes has started posting an online-only Children's Book Review each week. I'm looking forward to some wonderful illustration and this first one doesn't disappoint! "Snow Rabbit, Spring Rabbit"
  2. It rained (and rained) today. The temperature was in the forties. I was so happy.
  3. Sometimes it is the simplest things that give me pleasure - a freshly laundered, warm towel. Heaven. 

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