Saturday, February 12, 2011

WIP samples

This is not fun work, but I suppose necessary if I've trying to improve the quality of my work (think happy thoughts.) I'm feeling comfortable putting in the inset circles. I like the shape and texture of the lower for 'faces' in my quilt - I'm using a raw silk graciously donated from a friend. I'm still uncertain about how to do the symbols. Tomorrow, I'm planning on making a few stencils and seeing if I can get sharp edges with paintstik. I am favoring the stitched symbols.

I picked up a copy of the Fine Cooking magazine. I saw at least six recipes in it that I would like to try - not including the meatloaf variations. Truth is I really don't need any more recipes in magazines or cookbooks but the pretty pictures tempted and I willingly parted with my money. The magazine has a nice recipe index in the back and a page giving all the nutritional information on the recipes. Well done. It is Taunton Press.

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