Sunday, February 13, 2011

a-stenciling we go

I had been surfing the web looking for techniques on making stencils. Ran across this sweet machine - Mark 440 Stencil Maker. But I think for the few stencils I want to make I don't need to spend a couple of hundred dollars. I was talking with my daughter after breakfast this morning about my sketchbook, my interest in making stencils, and the whether or not I could get sharp clean edges. It suddenly occurred to me that I could print the images I have on adhesive labels and cut out the image with an exacto knife.

First, I had to add bridges to the images which took 20 minutes in Photoshop. Next, print the page on an adhesive label - of course, wouldn't you know I only had address label.

I used pastel dye sticks on the bottom symbol, paintstik applied directly on the middle symbol, and paintstik appiled with a toothbrush on the top symbol. I don't like the pastel dye stick - the other two have potential.


Sande said...

I've never done much with those kinds of symbols so it's always a lot of fun seeing what you do and how you do it. The paintstiks do look like a good choice for the symbols.

Beverly said...

Looks like you are making good progress- I'd agree, the paintstiks have potential. I've always had good luck getting hard edges with stencils and the paintstiks applied with a brush.