Friday, March 04, 2011

books and more books

At breakfast this morning, I was talking to chef and discovered I have all kinds of vegan options for breakfast on Fridays. Yay! She then talked us into ordering a cinnamon roll with a new butter cream frosting she's been working on. Yup, it was yummy -thankfully there were four of us sharing it and we left some on the plate (ha, only because, it was huge!)

After breakfast, I swung by the library to pick up three books I had placed on hold. I wanted to look at Robertson's 1000 Vegan Recipes but it wasn't at the library. Found a copy at Border's and after looking through it for about ten minutes, decided to just buy it. Got home to discover a shipment from Amazon. It's been a very good (book) day!

and 3 beautiful things:

  1. Duh, the books!
  2. We were having fish tacos for dinner and I sliced open the most perfect avocado - should have taken a picture - looked beautiful, tasted great. Simple pleasures!
  3. I'm off now to snuggle up with a book or two...   happiness. 

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Sande said...

Love looking at cookbook recipes! Don't always make them but enjoy thinking of the possibilities.