Sunday, March 06, 2011

weekend end

With everything I had to do today, I did make it to the studio (woo hoo) and managed to do some drawing, pick up things, and make a start on the weekly.
I'm driving Dave to work tomorrow at 8am. The house to myself. What ever will I do? I'm sure I'll think of something!

I took some time to straighten up the pantry and label some of the new (cheap, $3 for 10) plastic containers. I shopped and pick up some foods I usually don't have in the house. Luckily, the Co-op has nearly everything but I needed help finding the sucanat and they were out of mint (I'll survive.) Surprisingly, Dave is really looking forward to my 30 day vegan challenge. He figures he'll be able to score lots of side dishes

and 3 beautiful things:
  1. Wow! Talk about your altered books. Brian Dettmer has sculpted beautiful works of art out of books. I'm in awe. Go there, enjoy! (and read his artist statement.)
  2. Just finished tomorrow's NYTimes Crossword.
  3. Did I mention I'm driving Dave to work at 8am tomorrow. I love him but I need a little me time.


Rian said...

Enjoy your me time. I have a DH around 24/7, so I GET it. Good luck with your vegan challenge.

Sande said...

I saw his books on someone else's site recently - the things some people think of and do are amazing. Have a great 'alone' day.

Kay said...

Ah, yes. I can imagine the need for time with only yourself.

Good luck on the vegan challenge. I went to a vegan restaurant in Chicago once. The food was fabulous, but the tomato soup had lots of cashew powder in it, which provided a bit too much fiber. I'm sure you can fill in the blanks! (TMI? Sorry.) It's what I think of everytime I hear "vegan'.